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I'm a partner at Greylock, former CEO of Mozilla, founder of Reactivity, dad, husband & nerd, among other things.


    New patterns

    I’ve been going back & forth between a couple of different modes of computing lately. For a few weeks, I’ll use the combination of my laptop, tablet & phone. Then for a few weeks I’ll try to live without my laptop at all. It’s been illuminating for lots of reasons, some of which I’ve been writing about so far, some of which I haven’t yet.

    But the thing I’m finding most awkward lately is flipping between windowing models. On the laptop, I use the windowed Finder that we’ve all been using most of the last 20 years.

    On the tablet (in particular), everything runs full screen.

    Full screen is focusing, liberating in a lot of ways. But a pain to do things between apps — things as simple as take information about a dinner from an e-mail, look up the restaurant in yelp, and make sure everything goes in your calendar. Painful.

    Windowed is more powerful, but I’m finding it to be more and more distracting, very chirpy.

    So I’m left sort of unsatisfied with both schemes, and thinking it’s getting to be time for some innovation there.

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      John you just gave me a lightbulb moment for dual screen interface.
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