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I'm a partner at Greylock, former CEO of Mozilla, founder of Reactivity, dad, husband & nerd, among other things.


    Anytime, Anywhere, Anything

    I’m really excited that MIke Hanson has joined us at Greylock as an EIR this week. I’ve got a post over on Greylock’s blog about it, but wanted to put something more personal here.

    I’ve been very fortunate to know Mike since his freshman year at Stanford, when I hired him to be a section leader for CS106. There are interviews and then there are slam dunk interviews — and that one was a slam dunk. He was obviously so capable, so talented, so engaged, and so right for teaching other students computer science — even as a freshman — that we made him an offer right away.

    I’ve been able to work with Mike many times since then — at Stanford, at Apple, at Reactivity, at Mozilla — we’ve invented together and designed together and brainstormed together and sold together. 

    He’s an unusually gifted technologist and thinker — he’s as “full stack” as anyone I’ve ever worked with, able to think about complex algorithmic issues one minute, user experience design the next, standards design implications after that, and technology policy issues, and in particular he’s amazingly gifted at tying them all together into systems that are amazing.

    He comes to Greylock at an exciting time — smartphones and tablets are becoming ubiquitous, all connected to an always-on cloud infrastructure. People are more and more connected. Distribution to a billion users is possible. Everything is changing, both at a surface level and in some profoundly deep ways. 

    So it’s hard for me to express how excited I am that he’s starting his new journey from Greylock and that we get to collaborate again. He’s one of the people on my “Anytime, Anywhere, Anything” list: people who I would drop everything to work with anytime, in any context, on whatever they want to do. It’s a pretty short list. (And I’m lucky to get to work with several of those folks!)

    So: watch this space. No kidding.

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