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I'm a partner at Greylock, former CEO of Mozilla, founder of Reactivity, dad, husband & nerd, among other things.


    I’ve been using the new Tumblr app for a few weeks now, and it’s really, really great. I’m obviously biased, but the new app is incredibly fast, beautiful, and mostly it’s just really fun. All the media and blogs are easy to interact with and explore, and it’s super immersive. 

    Great, great job by the team.


    We’ve been working on hard on some new updates for you, and are thrilled to pull the curtain off of a big one — our iPhone app is now completely native! We think you’ll love the faster, smoother, and more responsive Tumblr Dashboard.

    • Redesigned dashboard — enjoy bigger photos and faster post loading.
    • Spiffy new notification previews so you can see exactly which posts were liked, reblogged, or replied to!
    • GIFs now play automatically on your Dashboard! Slide your finger across a GIF to view frame by frame.
    • New gestures — swipe right on any screen to go back to the previous view; long tap photos, links, tags, and post headers for more options.
    • Brand new blog screens with blog portraits and descriptions.

    We’re really excited about this release and we can’t wait to see what you do with it. Try it out.

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