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I'm a partner at Greylock, former CEO of Mozilla, founder of Reactivity, dad, husband & nerd, among other things.


    As much as you can, knowing it’s a subjective thing — you’re dealing with human beings — but you always look for a certain talent level, and we like to think about somebody’s work ethic, what they’ve proven as far as what type of teammate they might be," Popovich said. "In our vernacular we talk about people who’ve gotten over themselves, [who] can cheer for teammates’ success, as well as their own. When you find those kind of people, they’re more interested in the group than they are themselves. That’s a winning formula in most cases.

    This is ostensibly an article about the differences between how the Spurs and Lakers approach building & winning, but I find it to be just as relevant to how we build winning organizations.

    As some folks know, I moved around a lot growing up, but spent my high school years in San Antonio, right when they went from horrible to not-as-horrible by drafting David Robinson, a role model in many, many ways. And I know that most folks think watching the NBA, let alone the decidedly low drama Spurs, is about as exciting as watching paint dry. 

    But ever since Popovich got there, and then Tim Duncan, it’s just been an incredible organization to watch. They’re so committed to developing players, so committed to finding them wherever they are in the world, so committed to winning over the long term and in the right way. 

    It’s easy to focus on the superstars — and just like sports, in a lot of ways the technology world is indeed driven by superstars — but having an amazing team top to bottom, and a mindset that you’re always going to be developing each person, and developing the team overall — in my view this balance is the key to long term, durable success.

    This quote just captures so much about what makes the Spurs special, and what makes some of the companies I’m involved with the same.

    NBA playoffs 2013 - How San Antonio Spurs made them a sweeping success against the Los Angeles Lakers - ESPN

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